DREAM II: Revenge of the NERD

by gQ Marley

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gQ Marley College Station, Texas

gQ Marley is a self-driven artist born and raised in the city of San Antonio, Texas. Known for his thought provoking metaphors, vivid storytelling, clever wordplay, and unique delivery, gQ plans to take the world by storm and become the greatest artist to come out his hometown. ... more

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Track Name: N.E.R.D (Produced by Platinum PAT)

Verse 1

I was the nerd you never noticed Couldn't see me out of focus
Who played Nintendo games on the living room sofa
Now those days are over I just wish that I could have them back
The other day I told my mom Fuck School I'd rather rap
She looked in my face and said what you go to school for
I'm a call the garbage man so you can throw away your future
All those private tutors plus I helped you with tuition
And you choose to risk it all on a childhood ambition
Mom its my decision and don't need your permission
Thanks for the words of wisdom but I'm out your jurisdiction
Now listen fuck college even with all this knowledge
I cant get a job that can make a decent profit
I'm better off pushing rock like fans up in a mosh pit
Cant be fly if I'm stuck up in the cockpit
Jordans in my closet money in my wallet
So would you trade it all just to work up in an office


Dj Scratch
Revenge of the NERD (3X)

Payback bitch Revenge of the NERD

Nice guys finish last story of my life
Hungry for the fame you niggas lost your appetite
Two years ago my older brother lost his life
Still wonder how it happened so I'm having sleepless nights
Use it for motivation every time I touch a mic
I'm too hot and you don't measure up its not fair in height
Now I'm buzzing like a DUI Started with MIP
Niggas on that Neutrogena judge me by my Skin ID
Blacks don't think I'm hood enough Whites don't think I'm good enough
You got the game on lock? Where your badge? You aint got her cuffed
Use to have a 9 to 5 just to make a paycheck
Invested in a dream with money I ain't made yet
Tell a bad bitch let's fuch yeah I'm so direct
Franklins in my pocket but is funny how she want respect
She told me love was blind, its clear you need an eye test
Told em watch the throne now they address me as your highness

Track Name: Yeezy Taught Me That (Produced by Platinum PAT)
Snippet from Kanye West's interview with Sway Talk Show


Do you when you rap
Get cash act an ass
Model Chicks Dope Swag
Louie This Louie That Huh

Verse 1

Okay I bought some Trojans now we fuckin til the bed break
The ibuprofen's in the drawer in case you get a headache
No brakes stay in transition like a segue
She beg me not go as she clings on to my pants leg
Wishin I could stay so we can lie beside each other
Kiss her on the cheek to let her know I truly love her
Cant lie to my bitch you lie once here comes another
The truth will disappear like Holloway til its discovered
Why cant we end it quick I don't want to make your suffer
Nowaday a heat breaks more easy than a rubber
I feel that she's the one maybe its just lust or fate
Does the bed solve all problems I don't know but fucking's great
She the type of girl you take home to meet your mom
And when life gets hard she's the one that keeps you calm
Keep her in some Vans got her swag on soccer mom
Your wish is my command and I don't need a magic wand (Sike)


Verse 2

I want to show devotion but I'm caught up in the moment
Peter Griffin, Superman had a good girl at they Lois
One thing about the fame people change you start to notice
Cheese leads to greed and many niggas turn to rodents
Bitches gettin jealous she more salty than the ocean
Cause our numbers stay above their numbers lookin like exponents
Gotta buzz without Coronas now they all on my cajones
Sandler Spade Rock James add your name act like a grown up
Stupid bitches they just focused on commission
She was raised a Christian now she fakin her religion
I was once a victim spooning on the table kitchen
She told me C-E-O was her favorite position
Nigga must be trippin cant mix personal with business
So feel free to leave as soon as we get finished
You went to playin games to playin with yourself
You stuck up on yo past and my future's someone else


gQ: I was in too deep like Mekhi Phife'
Pat: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Bro Hold On
Bro I don't think that was Mekhi Phife
gQ: Really?
Pat: I think that was Omar Epps
gQ Fuck It
Track Name: Starz (Produced by T'Mon Beats)
Verse 1

Red, White, and Blue Land of the Free
Its funny how those same colors followin' me
Damn Blame it on the color of my skin
Or Maybe they just know about the drugs I'm traffickin'
Marijuana by the pound stashed in my Yaris
There's gotta be a better way to pay them loans for college
Its my last semester I ain't really got no options
And her last trimester I'm bout to be a father
Turned off my phone I don't feel like being bothered
Lightin' up a joint just to let my mind wander
Chicks I used to fuck sittin' at my baby shower
Sayin' that could of been us Now tell me that ain't awkward
Financial aid office I need a few dollars
So I quit this job cause a nigga hate moppin'
Damn I want more I'm sick of sweepin' floors
Now it got me thinkin' what the fuck I went to College for?


I aint talkin' bout no money
I aint talkin' bout no cars
Aint talkin' bout no diamonds
Cause that life is a facade (2x)

Cause times is really hard
I fucked a couple broads
Smoke some purple out the jars
Cause I'm tryna reach the starz (2x)

Verse 2

A House is not home if you got it on a lease
A bitch won't do you wrong if you keep her on a leash
How the fuck you real if you don't practice what you preach
You say you fuckin grind but your dreams outta reach
A nigga gotta eat I'm tired of the systems
Been searching for a way just to make a better livin'
Under pressure hard to think so I makin bad decisions
Bought some bakin soda now I'm headin to the kitchen
Heatin up the stove guess its time to start whippin
Woke up on my couch Damn just a premonition
Missin Sunday Service Lord forgive me of my sins
But its hard to live right when you dream of Benjamins
Now a nigga gettin dollas Hos worship me like Allah
I make them pray to me on your knees swallow
If the sky's the limit watch a nigga take it farther
We the Dream Team and you aint even on my roster

Track Name: The Fame (Produced by Platinum PAT)

Verse 1

Chase a nigga cause she heard I'm gettin major
Damn why they wanna stick me for my paper
I swear you weren't around when my bank account was empty
Now its Ryan and Macy fightin over a Bentley
Went from being stuck up now she so friendly
Now I'm prince charming you just want a happy ending
No I'm Prince Charmin I'm just here for the ass
Like a hyphen I'm a dash cause I'm focused on the cash
Love me in the summer Hate me in the winter
So stop pretending you just here for the incentives
I aint sayin she a gold digger
But she aint fuckin with a broke nigga
We hit the bar time for more liquor
Than wrap it up cause I'm so gifted
Marley minus money means no bitches
In 2 Chainz now I'm so different


Off to the Dough mayne I'm focused on cash
Now these hoes poppin up like internet ads
We used to click when she stuck to the plan
Sent me the wrong message I treat it like spam
Damn I'm just sayin we no strings attached
Not trickin do I pull rabbits out of hats
Don't answer that cause you know role
Fast food to seafood she want papa's Dough
Money the green light and it makes it her go
So I left her ass hangin no suicide note
Life jacket on and she cried me a river
Now I'm poppin bottles abusin my liver
Nine shots of liquor til I'm on my limit
I'm sorry but moneys' my only commitment
No happy endings so fuck fairytales
You can't spell female without F-M-L (Fuck my life get it?)



Thank God he let a nigga see tomorrow
Fuck the bullshit I drown it in a bottle
Get Money fuck bitches that's the only motto
Rack or a sack Ima blow it on a model
You hear my name thats a profit
They hear your name change topic
I got the crown Nigga you a clown
We sleepin on ya ass cause you not it
Don't know shit bout Basquiat
Close to a nine like baccarat
You the type who likes to gamble with his life
Cause you broke as fuck and talk alot
Was broke on a budget now I hang with Warren Buffet (fades out)
Track Name: Burn It Down (Produced by Platinum PAT)
Platinum PAT

Where the kush at
My niggas gon break it down
Roll the spliff up
My niggas gon burn it down
Lisa Left Eye
My niggas gon burn it down
Lisa Left Eye
My niggas gon burn it down (2x)

Verse 1

Dont' let me get in my zone or I'll give her D like a 2-3
Her number keyed in my phone now she beggin for a room key
Made her my groupie Feelin all on her bootie
She unbuckled my louie Then I hopped in her jacuzzi
Ready or not like a fugee She's always down to do me
Bad bitch who knows her role so make a home movie
Damn now Im an asshole aint tryna fuck take ya ass home
Mixed drinks and cash flow got her dancin on that pole
Models and bottles and bottles and models
Those are your options regardless you'll swallow
Blowin this paper like I won the lotto
And this a routine so we'll do it tomorrow


Verse 2

Smokin and chillin chillin and smokin
White owls with my white pas only black guy Im tokin'
So I pass the dutch to missy she don't take a puff no biggie
Fly nigga get jiggy so she hopped on my Big Willie
Stuffed weed in my phillies with the top down in yo city
Burn it down like left eye but the flow cold like Chilli
More shots than an uzi its my Call of Duty
They judge how I be stuntin' cause they saw my jewelry
Best friend my side bitch she only bad if she my bitch
Take a pound break it down on that loud shit so be quiet
Good kush rolled up now its to go up
My team we turnt up we burnt down the whole club
Track Name: gQ Marley ft Shawn Noize - Vices ft Shawn Noize (Produced by Lexi Banks)
Hook (2x)

My status gigantic
Rollin up the plane
Now my eyes slanted
I gotta have it
I gotta have it
Addicted to this life
And I can't kick the habit

Verse 1 gQ Marley

Middle Class
Little Cash
Started with a pen and pad
Almost made the pen a pad
Now I'm signing autographs
In the past niggas laughed now they all believe in you
Wonder if they stick around if your position seasonal
Started with a vision now I'm seeing thing different
Pussy Money Weed can decrease the cost of living
Plus all these niggas hatin always got somethin to comment on
Cause me and Shawn and is on and they aint eatin like it's Ramadan
Everything I vomit on I spit that shit that you makes you great
I preach that ill that gives em faith they callin me S-T-D Jakes
I'm gettin cake now they claim I aint the same person
My verses got me ballin this my King James version
Hail Mary keep that kush burning
Me myself and I I'm focused on that first person
So its all praises to the most high
Cause they idolize the most fly


Verse 2 Shawn Noize

Chillin with all these bad bitches
Sippin good drinks and makin bad decisions
Look at how fast I'm livin
Guess all my past conflictions
Finally got me actin different
So now its back to sinnin'
Losing myself in all these lights caught in this flash obsessin'
And my progression got me questionin' my staffs intentions
Paranoid I feel like everybody's out to get him
And it was suppose to be loyalty over royalty
But somewhere along the way I let it spoil me
A few bridges was burned
Few of my friends was turned
Into enemies fuck it though guess you live and you learn
And I learned not to give a fuck
I'd rather live it up
Then dwell on past mistakes
See life is too short to give a minute up
Cause time is money and money you ain't worth my time
You said I've changed I've just improved on who you left behind
Some say I'm blind to it all
Some say I numb
To the fact I've lost myself to be this person I've become

Hook (2x)
Screwed Hook (2x)
Track Name: gQ Marley ft Platinum PAT - Against the Grain ft Platinum PAT (Produced by T'Mon Beats)
Verse 1

I'm from a city where they support their artists
Moved to city where raps not a market
Like the clothes for gothics I became a hot topic
Niggas heard I got potential then became an instant target
I'm far from perfect and a nigga don't intend to be
At least I keep it real and that's a thing I don't pretend to be
Time is money I don't waste it on my enemies
Who judge me on my past cause those days are history
Still cant believe a nigga graduated college
No degree I owe loans and my Aggie ring I pawned it
Stuck in debt I feel like times are getting harder
My greatest life and moment will always be my daughter
When my brother died I swear to God I almost lost it
Plus no money in my wallet almost turned me to a convict
Made myself a promise and I don't plan on givin up
You watched me struggle nigga now watch me live it up


Made my own my lane
These other niggas on that same shit
On the road to fame
Me and the niggas that I came with
Money and the Fame
Story stays the same
Now I'm bout to change the game
Cause I went Against the Grain

Went Against the Grain (2x)

Money and the Fame
Story stays the same
Now I'm bout to change the game
Cause I went Against the Grain

Verse 2

In high school I wasn't shit yeah but I'm the man now
Niggas callin my phone askin for handouts
Small city everybody call me fam now
Surrounded by the fake watch a real nigga standout
Females use to call me bro now they tryna fuck
I grind my ass off but hatin niggas call it luck
Me and Marley boy I swear we on the same shit
Student loans in default credit in the negative
That was too real huh
Tired of rappers talkin bout their chains when a nigga tryna pay the bills huh
Hatin on other niggas going through the same shit
9 to 5 and my chick complaining bout the same shit
Who would've thought that fat boy from the projects
Would grow up into a million dollar prospect
Mind of Hustler Heart of a G
You can look me in my eyes tell me what do you see


See I'm more than what you bargained for and nothin less than real
Now I only pay attention when they mention dollar bills
Used to be a nerd until I turned into Jaleel
Now girls on my T-I-P cause they see the paper trail
They hit me on my cell for some sexual healing
No angels in the outfield but I'm never catchin feelins
Mind on millions after that billions
So I can provide for my children's children
So Im on a mission got my keys in the ignition
And my hustlers ambition stressed in every line written
Where the competition who the hell is fuckin with him
Went from a statistic trapped in the system
10% dead 5%living one got dreams or making good decisions
And the other 84% just chose to fit in
So I ain't fuckin with them

Track Name: My Time (Produced by Platinum PAT)
Verse 1

You ain'tknow what I been through
Im hungry tryna get it fuck a mother fuckin menu
I just keep it real these other niggas just pretend
Remember back then I was that nerdy nigga in school
Then I blew up no Taliban
Gettin moneys the master plan
Im killin' niggas take em out the picture
Im the first rapper that joined the Klan
Klu Klux if ya Clueless they mad cause we do us
Finger fuck ya bitch then she screw us
Use the same hand to chunk the deuces
Then she ride me like a crash dummy
And she know her role she gonna fuck me til I crash dummy
So you a D-Boy? Nigga that's funny
I never touched a bird man to egt the cash money
I want the good life what you rappin for
I /started from the bottom had me feelin like an underscore
Now I'm rollin through the city in the newest Bentley
Got my Shyne no Diddy it was all no Biggie

Hook - Platinum PAT

See I don't need three wishes
Only want the fame
This is only the beginning
All I wanted was the cars clothes and bitches
On a mission see nigga tryna get it

Its my time
My Time
My Time (ooohhh yea) (2x)

Verse 2


This life is like a fairy tale
He tryna fuck my bitch that nigga wish now thats a fairy tale
If you the best out I can barely tell
You're shit on iTunes but it barely sell
Made my own lane
Never worried bout the traffic
Everything I drop is classic
Only 25 like Madden
Doing shit you can't imagine
Papparazzi camera's flashin
Living large I'm a star
My lifestyle couldn't fit a Magnum
Model bitches comin home I aint even have to ask em
White bitches choosin Marley that's affirmative action
Popped a molly now she dancin
Cause she just wanna have some F-U-N
Rented a Bugatti that's the ride I'm tryna F U in
Bring a friend a lets pretend that the girl a lesbian
You aint down move around now ya ass pedestrian
Money comes first whats next? (bitches) guess again
It's my time this nigga next to win

Track Name: The Wood (Produced by Earl Averon)
Verse 1

God bless the tables pens and pencils
Back in high school those were our only instrumentals
TD dropped the beats I rapped bout the shit I didn't have
No pen and pad I only spit the shit that made my niggas laugh
Like Im ballin but I'm sittin on the bleachers
Even spit a line bout runnin trains on teachers
Now I'm doing shows achieving goals and major features
No street cred I got money on my Visa
See I made raps bout Chromium
Shows on Nickelodeon
My heroes and my heroines instead of fiends on opium
Moms got hypertension so we had to watch her sodium
Been through lots of shit but rap was my Immodium
Now bitches in my condo so it got me takin head counts
Foreplay aint my forte but I'm pretty sure that head counts
Pops was on my ass get to class you better pass
But with the crazy dreams I had a nigga chose the psychopath

Hook (2x) - Screwed and Chopped

Back In the Days
When I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

Verse 2

Used to talk about a life I ain't attained yet
We all got fuckin problems mine just happened in the same bed
Money talks and its the universal language
It even lets you know who's your friend or an acquaintance
In my city its be famous
Fuck an education
Drug dealers over scholars everybody knows a base head
One minute niggas cool then they pullin guns like damn pranks
He used his tool to rob this fool he took his Jewels Anne Franks
Girls turn to women put yo ass in a position
Where you makin bad decision parents warned us never listened
We all have good intentions but its hard to be a Christian
Damn I'm tryna bring her home I be on my SA Missions
Its lust over love the drug of our generation
So I hope that tongue ring aint just there for decoration
Growing up I was the modern day Fez
Now I'm America's Idol Fuck what Simon Says

Track Name: gQ Marley ft J3 Beatmaster - Loosing Faith ft J3 Beat Master
Hook J3 Beatmaster

I tried
But hatas still hate
I loved hard
But love passes my way
I tired too hard
But I never get a break
I tried
But its like Im losing Faith

Verse 1

Wake up in the morning Im just blessed to see another day
Then off to the money I accept it like collection plates
Niggas laughed and said my choices were a big mistake
Invested in myself now I got wealth now watch them niggas hate
More fans than a church service
Eyes more red than bible verses
Killin competition til I see them all in hearses
Gettin riches fuckin bitches swear this life so perfect
I remember last year my bank account was empty
So I was living off the cash my mama used to send me
Bad bitches used to diss me now I send them disses back
Callin Tyras' Whoopi just to see how the sister act
The same girls who never approached us
Are front row at my show screamin out Motorboat us
Her chest in my face so I part the C's like Moses
I noticed she has motives but its really hard to focus


Verse 2

Yeezy made a song called Jesus Walks
The bible says Jesus died on the cross
Saw ten Jesus pieces worn on Rick Ross
Now I'm feelin that's the only way to keep him near my heart
Cause I'm scared to go to church I haven't been in months
Mormons knockin on my door I'm screamin what the fuck you want
Don't care for your comments
I'm just being honest
Now I'm being haunted
By a guilty conscience
On my knees at night asking God for some advice
If life's a soap opera could you please be my Guiding Light
Biggie had Faith
McGraw had Faith
Lost in the world hope its not too late
But there's some bad bitches in building (Amen)
Need a break be back in a minute ( Take Ten)
Lord have patience I have good intentions (Amen)
My addiction money cars and women (Save Him)

Fuckin Great
Everyday I feel like I'm losing Faith
Smokin Mary by the pound take the pain away
But the fact remains I'm still losing faith

Hook (2x)
Track Name: Show Dat
Verse 1

NERDlife after partys in my dorm
Turn Up Its only three up in the morn
She down to fuck cause she loves a stoners charm
She asked me who's calling (Hello) Thats Jake from State Farm
HaHa did I really use that line
Fuck it works every single time
She told me money makes her cum
Then my dick must be a dollar sign
We blame it all on that liquor
Takin shots of that Grey Goose
Latinas worshiping Marley
So they Calling me Jesus
Piece on no Reeses
Rock Polos and fleeces
Nerd frames Im a genius
Bout to get mil no regis
Im on herb no peaches
My bank account looks decent
Your girl callin me frequent
But we keep it a secret
Nerdy nigga stay geeked
Til Im maxin out my Visa
She spent the night got terminated Hasta La Vista


Model chicks stay on my arm
(Watch A nigga show that)
Poppin Bottles in the club
(Watch a nigga show that)
(We aint gotta show that)
Your girl comin home with me
(Nigga you aint know that)

Bad Hoes
New Clothes
You down to go

Verse 2

She said Marley can you teach me how to dougie
I dont dance Im just a motherfuckin druggy
Tonight Im feelin lucky
got some trojans and a snuggie
Heard Amanda Bynes love me She
just tweeted my flow ugly
This Child's Play like Chucky
Used to clown around like Krusty
Vamp life bad bitches stay after me like Buffy
Make good girls turn slutty
With my WildKats No Kentucky
Green stretchin like Gumby
I eat tracks got the munchies
Beer pong to flip cup Drank so much got the hiccups
Mary Jane gettin lit up Smokin til I can sit up
Niggas be like (Marley) fuck yo opinion
They told me change is good but prefer a million